Monday 10 December 2007

Christmas Visions

Christmas Market
Cathedral Square
Passau, Germany


  1. I had a feeling your Christmas photos would be wonderful and I am sure you're planning a great advent photo-exhibition...
    I love the reindeer below!

  2. I wonder what you chose as decoration of Christmas, there is such a choice in Vienna, it must be difficult! But absolutely magnificent! In Paris this year, it is not brilliant, I am going to go to live in Vienna!

  3. CREAM:
    I am planning on sharing whichever beautiful sights meet my eyes. I hope you enjoy them too! :-)

    Maybe you should visit Vienna? ;-)
    I am pretty oldfashioned as far as Christmas tree decorations are concerned, hanging every year the same ornaments on my tree, maybe adding one or two special new baubles, but they must be truly special to meet my fancy.

  4. Beautiful Christmas fancies! We have yet to finish the tree and decorating. We're minimal when it comes to decorating, but love to take out treasured and collected ornaments and decorations each year. Happy days decking your halls! ((HUGS))

  5. Ooohhhh! I would like to add a few of those glass balls to my tree. They would glisten and sparkel with the white lights. Thanks for sharing your finds with us.

  6. Gawd it looks beautiful there!!!

  7. I love the first photo.
    I haven't really thought about Christmas yet - it will be upon me before I know it.

    I know I have heard that Christmas carol from your last post before, but for the life of me, I can't remember the melody. I hope they sing it at Carols by Candlelight this year. The words are beautiful.

  8. London is mad with traffic at the moment, each vehicle driven by a person who is him or herself maddened by frustrating congestion.

    This is so p e a c e f u l.

  9. Your Winter/Christmas photos are magical! You give me a new appreciation for these short days in Seattle. I especially love The World in Solemn Stillness -- the blue patterns in the far distance are wonderful! And please be sure to show us the chandeliers on Graben full of light. I need to come to Vienna to see all this lovliness in person!

  10. Love Christmas markets. My daughter is selling at Manchester Christmas Market as I write.

    I love the name Christmas. It's 'Xmas' I hate!!
    Love Lorenzo.

  11. TRACY:
    You have fun too, decking the halls! We don't even have a tree yet. ;-)

    You are welcome! :-)
    I love the classic painted glass ornaments, they reflect the light beautifully.

    Thank you, Carol!
    You'll have to come one day and see for yourself.

    Have you had a chance to listen to that carol in the meantime?
    I cannot even begin to imagine Christmas during beach weather. In Italy's south, there's not snow either, but at least the temperatures are low and dusk falls early. In Rome they are selling roasted chestnuts at the street corners and shepherds from the Abbruzzi mountains stroll through the streets with their bagpipes, performing Christmas carols and spreading holiday cheer.
    Are you still with me ...... ?

    Poor Londoners!
    Viennese wisely converted many streets into pedestrian havens, walking in the Inner City one almost forgets about cars. I hope you do find islands of quiet every now and then! :-)

    Thank you! :-)
    I love Christmas in Vienna, it really is a magical time of the year. The lights make me forget about the short days.
    I am having trouble with my storage space, will have to pay for more, I am afraid.
    In the meantime, if you click here, you will be transported to the archive with last year's photos. Enjoy! :-)

  13. Hi,
    Madame Llama!
    I am not fond of the Exmess either. :-)
    Did you visit your daughter at the Christmas market?

  14. PS: if the Mayor of Vienna were to write to the Mayor of London telling him about the quietness and pedestrian havens - and especially being sure to mention how well the economy of Vienna is doing - do you think?

    I can supply the address.


  15. Merisi:

    The glass ornament is lovely! I've been catching up on your pictures in all of the latest posts - very beautiful. Thanks!

    I'm very much an old-fashioned one when it comes to what I hang on the tree, also. The same ornaments my folks had for us during my childhood are in my possession - at least, as many as have survived. Every year, I get a nostalgic rush when I open the boxes and see them again.

  16. I especially like the last photo - you're capturing the mood so beautifully!

  17. Hi Merisi,
    I sw you name on Abraham's blog and wanted to see yours, how wonderfull is the christamas time right? and the decoration I love it...

    My name is JoAnn and I am from Holland, I write/speak english
    , my blog is about 'what I see through my camera" on holiday or at home...

    I started posting some DUTCH 'birds' flying away , but did not.... they changed their minds I quess? Come and look . Have a great week/day

    Greetings JoAnn:)

  18. Love that ornament!!!
    My Melange

  19. I love your visions of christmas
    JOyeux NOel

  20. Lovely. Interesting.


  21. so serene and beautiful.
    Relaxing to come here in the middle of ALOT of activities.....

  22. Oh, SALLY,
    that sure would be a nice dream! Why not raise funds so the Mayor of London can come visit Vienna and see for himself? (I am trying to stay hopeful here! *g*)

  23. SULDOG:
    I am with you, oldfashioned is my choice too. My mum is still hanging her own ornaments, but I do collect the same kind of painted glass ornaments I used to admire as a child.
    I have noticed articles in German magazine with topics like color trends and so on for Christmas trees, as if they were a fashion item. Not for me.

    Thank you, it's my pleasure. :-)

    Welcome, JoAnn!
    I am looking forward to check out your photos and birds (I am addicted to Abraham's).

    Thank you, Robin!

    Merci and a joyous Christmas season to you too! :-)

    Thank you, Mari-Nanci!

    Thank you!
    I hope you do find some moments of quiet and calm amidst all that bustle!


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