Friday 30 November 2007

A Short Respite

Café Central


If you'd like to linger,
clicking here will open
a window with more photos
of Café Central.


  1. That looks rather expensive :-)

  2. Dear Maalie,

    where else do you get to sit in such splendor for the price of a cup of coffee for hours, let your mind wander, chat with friends or read through dozens of newspapers and magazines, while being serenaded by piano, violin and double bass?

    That cup of coffee costs more at a certain international coffee chain half a block away, where you are not being served at your table, but have to suffer through the indignity of self service, and may or may not being tempted to sit down at a table in a room which breathes about as much charm as a train station waiting room.

    I will check the prices while in the area this afternoon. It may take a while until I report back though, what with this research involving drinking coffee. And drinking coffee can be quite time consuming, but I am sure you'll appreciate my sacrifice. ;-)

  3. Oh, and smell the coffee . . .

    PS: I'm shopping now but will get back to you on 'which breathes about as much charm as a train station waiting room' later, possibly next week. :))

    PPS: thank you for the link, Merisi (I am of course still getting to grips with such things as links and RSS this being England).

  4. Merisi, ok, I'll try it out when I come to Vienna!

  5. I love the tree that is outside the window! Also the lighting is fantastic, soft, dreamy, looks like a great place for thoughts to linger.

  6. That photo is so beautiful, so tranquil, that it is making me ill.

  7. Oh thank you for this entry, and for pointing me to your past one. With more photos of this lovely place.

    And as I said there, as usual, your photos take my breath away.



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