Friday 2 November 2007

Lower Belvedere Palace, Orangery and Garden

Contemporary Foyer
Orangery next to Lower Belvedere Palace

The Orangery,
built next to the Lower Belvedere Palace
at the beginning of the 18th century,
now houses modern exhibition rooms.
The original wall of windows
on the southside offers a spectacular view
of Prince Eugene's private garden,
the so-called Kammergarten ("Privy Garden").

The South Façade of the Orangery
View from the Privy Garden

Privy Garden of the Orangery
View towards Upper Belvedere Palace

A Garden Gate
View towards East

West Garden Wall
The blazing Red of Virginia Creeper

If you happen to pass through Vienna
before January 14, 2008,
try to visit the current temporary exhibition
at the Lower Belvedere Palace and Orangery:

Van Gogh, Cézanne and Austria’s Modernists

I have seen it twice so far,
once at night (Wednesdays the gallery is open
until 9pm) and yesterday afternoon.
A visit to the gallery and a stroll through
the vast Belvedere gardens, and later a
Wiener Melange at the nearby Schwarzenberg Cafe',
to catch your breath and plot the rest of the day,
will never disappoint.

View of Upper Belvedere Palace

Photographed in the afternoon
November 1, 2007


  1. I love the bird sitting on the garden gate post. And the little circular room and viewing platform on top of the dome.

    Oh, and the green roof lower down.

    It's like I'm there. :))

  2. what a wonderful row of photos! Thanks for bringing us along.

  3. Magnific! I love the yellow&red effect ,I'm there too!

  4. The Belvedere Palace is pure majesty! And so are the gardens...I hear a distand rustle of silk gowns and whispered ancient conversations...Amazing how a place breathes of its history. Happy weekend to you ((HUGS))

  5. Such beauty!
    The wall is burning.

  6. Sally Crawford from London: That bird, for some reason, left me a time frame of a blink of an eye to catch the image. Usually they fly off as soon as I lift the camera.
    One could spend a lot of time there, up there on the hill, scrutinizing everythings that's in sight.

    Thank you, you are welcome! :-)

    The sun turning everything to gold against the azure sky is truly uplifting, isn't it?

    Thank you!
    There are actually two palaces, the Lower and the Upper Belvedere,
    and several different gardens in between and in front and on the side, each different from the next one.

    The Virginia creeper is burning all over town right now. A beautiful sight.

  7. Fabulous autumn colours; interesting to see all the stautary and topiary too.


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