Monday 22 October 2007

Viennese Escapes: Inn River County

The Inn River's
Plain in Reichersberg
Upper Austria

Inn River Plain
The mighty Inn river
with its meanders
and the alluvial forests
offers refuge
to a wide variety of birds.
The white birds sitting
in the top of the trees
are probably cormorants.

Carpet of Leaves
In the background,
the stonewall from where
I took the previous photograph.

"Friars' Garden"
Augustinian monastery
of Reichersberg.

Looking back,
through the gate,
to the tree pictured above,
and the river valley beyond.

Old Linden trees
lining the walkway
circling the Friars' Garden.

Friars' Garden

Autumn's Bounty
Cart in front of
the Monastery restaurant

Dining Under the Sycamore Trees
with a view of the river forests.
The spectacular sunset views
from the restaurant terrace
are legendary.
The red-orange disc
on the horizon
slowly sliding down,
to disappear
beyond the misty green hills,
into the blues and purples of
the dying evening light.

Sycamore Leaves
Wet and rainy
October Sunday

Wild Duck à l'Orange
Served in a splendid
stuccoed dining room
of the Monastery,
high on a plateau
above the river,
with gorgeous views
of the valley below.

For more images
of the Innviertel
(Inn River County),
Upper Austria,
click here and here,


  1. Those Old Linden trees are fantastic!

  2. You keep showing me more and more places I'll have to see for myself. The walk between the old Linden trees is a definite destination for me.

  3. I must agree the Old Linden Trees are my fave pic as well. Just fabulous.

    Merisi, thank you for being so commited to posting each day. I look forward to logging in each morning to see your work.

  4. Merisi, I've been dancing with your flowers:)))
    I stepped on their petals and they squeaked and said they weren't paving stones and to watch where I was going!
    Sassy Roses!!!

  5. Merisi - I think you are just rubbing in your beautiful autumn to remind the rest of us what we are missing :)

  6. BRUCE:
    Yes, they are.
    Beautiful to walk under them in June, when they are in bloom, the bees are buzzing around and every time you inhale you breath in that heady fragrance from the linden flowers. I also love to walk under them in the summer, with the heart-shaped sun-dappled leaves reflected in the shadows.

    There are more things of beauty around there that you will like, I am sure! :-)

    Thank you, you are very kind. :-)

    Oh yes, the flowers want nothing but admirers by the dozen and dancing and flirting with the wind! :-)

  7. HEXE:
    Oh no! I am only trying to find a thing of beauty in these cold rainy days, reminding myself that "Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul, and sings the tune - without the words .... " ;-)

  8. I just love these photos! They are beautiful!

  9. Thank you, MELISSA! :-)

  10. Yes, yes on the linden trees! You could post many more pictures of those please! (how cool are they???!)

  11. Oh you're breaking my heart with all these autumn pictures! I just soooo love this season called Fall!

  12. Beautiful! I love the graceful look of the linden tree-lined pathway!


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