Friday 5 October 2007


Our Wonder Boy


  1. OMG!!!
    MON DIEUX and WOWZA!!!
    I'm in love...
    Here little boy...come to Paris Maxie :)
    He is gorgeous
    Can we see more more more of Max puleeeze!
    I'll pay ya!$$$

  2. He is beautiful.

    And he is in the perfect environment for any dog: woody; mossy; ferny and green.

  3. Does the dog speak English AND German and anything else?

  4. oooh, just look at those fluffy ears! He has some Border Collie, no? My Bessie Boots was a Border Collie, she followed me everywhere, and slept under my desk at work. (Sigh) He is ADORABLE, definitely my kinda' hound.. any chance of some more pic's of him?

  5. What an adorable dog and a great photo!

  6. Just perfect, makes we want one!

  7. How old is Max?
    Does he like to chase the ball?
    Is he a snuggly dog or love you from a distance dog?
    I think he would love to come to the bush with my dogs and sniff kangaroo poo.

  8. What a cutie! He looks so sweet!

  9. Dear all!
    Maxie is going to do a post of his own in the not too far future, answering all your questions and more. He promised! :-)
    In the meantime, thank you all for your kind comments and questions, he appreciates any woof and sign of affection greatly.
    For the master,
    He's becoming a little self-important lately. Probably reading my blog secretly. I found the beginning of an essay under his pillow a couple of days ago, most of his utterings crossed out again (pssst: He had tried to imitate the late Hemingway, really not his style, I'd say).
    Let's hope he's not figured out yet how to read the comments. Please don't tell him.

  10. What a sweet little face! I bet he's so happy to rummage in the autumn leaves.

  11. LORI LYNN:
    Oh yes, he's always a happy little camper when he gets to hunt for leaves in the woods. ;-)
    Hope your preparations for tonight's Austrian dinner are proceding well. Good luck! :-)


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