Wednesday 31 October 2007

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

No costume yet?
Never fear,
help is here!

Magic Gourd
Or rather a little bird?

With your very own prince?

Emperor in the Clouds?
This once,
He is wearing the Crown Jewels!

Candy Queen?
So yesteryear, isn't she?

Bread Basket
Or rather ... ?

Mrs. Dumbledore!

Sorry, but when Halloween rolls around,
I walk the silly side of the street.
Wanna see my choice of costume?
inspired by Hexe,
over there on Alligator Alley, Florida.

Snow White
"Great Halloween costume!"
(Maxie, to his friend.)


  1. Happy Halloween! Very fun post today--thank you! Have you decided on your own costume then? ;o) I'll take that pink princess one! Happy Day ((HUGS))

  2. Mrs Dumbledore.


    She's determinedly trying to escape from Maxie and friend. But she can't. They're bewitching.

  3. If I didn't already have a costume I would ask to borrow your candy princess outfit!!! But then again
    those dog costumes are pretty cute too! ;-)
    Thanks for coming to the Happy Halloween Fete, all the way from Vienna!

    You're the best!

  4. Love that bread tower...
    One bite and it will all crumb-le down...

  5. loved the first costume..only that could fit me

  6. I love Mrs. Dumbledore.....

  7. Great costume suggestions. You made me smile. I do love the bread basket and Mrs Dummbledore. Have fun as the alligator.

  8. Tracy:
    Thank you! Just be careful, tonight I might be out there, hunting for your sweets! :-)))

    Sally Crawford from London: Mrs. Dumbledore is on her way to Gate 9 ½. Watch out, Londoners!

  9. rochambeau:
    Not bad yourself, Madame! Thank you! :-)))

    A bit headless too, don't you agree? See the nuns smiling? ;-)

    You could always take a ride in it! :-)

  10. Britt-Arnhild:
    Hard to get ahold, though. :-)

    Why so much sillyness if not for the smiles? *big.alligator.grine*

  11. Who is Maxie??
    Love the bread photo yet, but i'm on a low carb diet so I suppose that makes sense!!

  12. Merisi - Thank you for the mention; I am honored. You can be the Alligator, if I can be the Magic Gourd, equiped with the jeweled bird and glittery rings - you know what they say about diamonds ;)

    BTW sent off a resume to your end of the woods. A long shot but you never know . . .

  13. Mrs. Dumbledore for me! (unless I can dress up as Maxie :-).

    Actually I'm sitting here in my plaid flannel jammie pants (it's cold), on door-duty to the intrepid trick-or-treaters that are braving the chilly night.

  14. That Mrs. Dumbledore is one of the best things I've seen i while. Stunning, what an idea!! YOu made me laugh :))

  15. Wonderful ideas for halloween . I am in love with the breads dress ..


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