Sunday 7 October 2007

Blue Indian Summer

Blue Chairs
Ristorante La Pasteria
9th District

Ristorante La Pasteria
9th District

Rossau Parrish
Servitengasse 9
9th District

Tabak Trafic
Where to get
more than your daily paper
in Vienna.
9th District

Flower Shop
9th District

Blue Stools and Marble Table
Währinger Strasse
9th District

Vespa Azzurra
Marco d'Aviano Gasse

Blue Bicycle
Kärntner Strasse

Blue Jeans
Tea Viennese Style:
With a Little Mozart and a large Dog
Heissenberger Tea- and Coffee-Bar
Am Kohlmarkt

Fruit and Vegetables
Neuer Markt

Photographed during a walk
from the Strudlhofstiege
in the Alsergrund (9th District),
to the Hofburg in the
Inner City (1st district).

Friday, October 5, 2007

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click here, please!

Images of the Strudlhof Steps
can be found here.

For more information
about the Servitenkirche,
click here.


  1. I love that bistro furniture: that polished aluminium look.

    London used to have lots of it but for some reason many cafes and restaurants decided to go traditional - and make you sit on uncomfortable wooden dining chairs instead.

    I'll photograph some next time I'm passing.

  2. PS: what is the lovely tree in the final pic?

  3. I like the blue theme, but my attention was drawn to the clothing - light jackets, with pants, and cute boots. How I miss weather that calls for jeans, boots, and a well cut jacket! I torture myself everytime I visit your blog :)

  4. a beautiful blue journey!

    congratulations...britt-arnhild is right...your blog is fabulous!!

  5. Blues.....blues.....BLUES.....You klnow how much I love them :-)
    Thanks for taking me on this wonderful walk.

  6. Hey Merisi - you're blog of the week over at Britt-Arnhilds!!
    And no wonder!
    I LOVE these colour themed posts you do!
    Love the blue sky and those weird looking alien fruit in the last shot!

  7. No Merisi - not the kaki.
    The other photo - those big white globe-like fruit!

  8. M- you have been busy, you must have been up nearly all night uploading these photos for us... I hope you have a fast computer/internet connection..? ;-)

    What a beautiful visual feast, such a colourful delight to the eyes. I shall have to come back again and again to appreciate the detail and subtlety in these photos.

    Worth the (little) wait. Hope your guests appreciated their meal. :-)

    Britt-Arnhilds - off to find out about this... Congratulations, you deserve it!

  9. Sally Crawford from London:
    Those chairs are very comfortable, that's true. I am looking forward to your London take! :-)

    The tree on top of the Strudlhof Steps could be a Robinia pseudoacacia.

  10. This is such a cheerful post. Those bright blues certainly brighten up the landscape.

  11. Hmmm....Looks a lot like FRENCH Ultramarine bleu here to me...
    Very pretty even so :)

  12. Good morning everyone,
    please pardon my late responses.
    I will try my best to come back to you tonight.
    It is Monday morning, 11 am, and I am already stressed and stretched as if it were Friday and I hadn't accomplished anything all week (on top of it all, trying to get some service for my non-working dishwasher *help*).
    You all have a great week.
    I now go and slay a couple of those dragons *jumps on horse and yippie!*

  13. Go for it Merisi!


  14. I love that balcony over the Blumen Flower Shop sign.

    I "have a thing" for balconies. :-) I try to keep finding them, in my city blog.



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