Friday 28 September 2007

Some Pink Some Red

Actors Studio Vienna
Tuchlauben 13

Some Pink Some Red
Lots of Grey

Pink Ribbons
St. Ruprecht's (1161)
Vienna's Oldest Church

Pink Triumphing Over Grey
Martha Srna-Modlitby
Naglergasse 1

Your Curtain Next
Victor Steinwender
Tuchlauben 20

Water Lily
Ever Pritty in Pink
Blumenhaus zum Dom

Late Summer Bouquet
Cosmos to China Asters to Roses
Blumenhaus zum Dom
Stephansplatz 4

Roses are RedPink
Red and White, too!

A Rose is a Rose
White to Pink to Red


St. Ruprecht's Church
Victor Steinwender
Images of Naglergasse

Big D on Pink
Wollzeile 10

Images of Cafe' Diglas


  1. Why wait for those pink umbrellas, eh? While it is not my favorite color, I have to admit it compliments your city very, very well (or maybe it's the other way around :D ). The last one of the roses is quite striking in it's subtlety.

  2. Micah,
    I never cared too much about pink,
    but here in Vienna this color takes on an almost mystical quality. What may look garish in a different environment, here it seems to subtly complement the greys of the stones. Even Chanel had a pink dress in it's stark black and white window display some days ago. Were they on to something?

  3. Merisi,
    Maybe someone at Chanel is reading your blog...

  4. a bit of color to brighten a grey day! well done, sugar *hugs*

  5. There's nothing like a rose.
    I "luv" those roses!

  6. And the ribbons are so nice, next to the church wall, but what are they for?

  7. david mcmahon:
    Thank you, David. :-)

    In that case, maybe I should let my wishlist be known? ;-)

    Thank you! :-)
    Isn't it amazing how much color there's to discover even on a dreary grey grey morning?

    Imagine, those roses were waiting opposite the Sexton's Lodge in the post above. The contrast to the majestic cathedral was striking.

    Debbie Egizio:
    You are so right!
    Thank you. :-)

    Delphine R2M:
    While I do not know why this particular beribboned small tree was still leaning against the church wall this late in the year, I do know that in some regions of Austria young alder trees are carried by youth on Palm Sunday into church, in remembrance of Jesus' final entry into Jerusalem. Some of these trees are also decorated with apples, slung like beads on a cord along the trunk, which is oftentimes also decorated with small bouquets of cuttings of juniper, arbor-vitae and box tree. In the region I was born in, Upper Austria's "Innviertel", these "Palmbäume" are blessed by the priest during Palm Sunday mass and later carried out into the fields.

  8. Those roses are divine... I love multi-colored flowers....

  9. These photos are fabulous. Sigh. I really want to come to Vienna. Maybe in the spring.


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