Friday 21 September 2007

Morning Walk with Max

One Yellow Leaf

Meeting the Sun's First Rays

Under the Chestnut Tree

Lavender Blue

Chestnut Tree

Sun-kissed Sunflower

Looking Up

Pink Rose

Blushing White Rose

Blue Sky

At the Bus Stop

In the early morning,
whith the city streets slowly coming to life
and the sun peaking barely over the roofs,
the contrasts between shadow and light
are very stark at times.
I took these images while
walking my dog Max around the
neighborhood in the early morning sun.

Shy Dog
Playing "Shadow and Light"


  1. Beautiful Merisi.
    I just had my morning walk in the blue garden:

    I was thnking of you when I posted the blog entry and search for an autumn poem without finding one I wanted to use :-)

  2. PULEEEZE do a post on MAX!
    Is he(?) a longhaired Dachshund?
    They are supposed to be the BEST doggies...
    I want to meet Max....

  3. Yeah, Max looks cool, so I agree that you must do a post on him! He could show us Vienna's best fire hydrants and postal carriers.

  4. Yes, more on Max, please. I'll definitely be getting a dog and I'd like to know more about this breed. I absolutely love the picture you made of him some time ago; the one in which he is asleep curled up on someone's lap. I love dogs. I used to have a Yorkie, but he was a handful and I'd like my next one to have a calmer nature.

    The sunflowers are in bloom here, too. I don't know why, but I was surprised to find out you have them there.

  5. These are lovely photos. There is nothing like morning light (and a beloved dog) for photos.

  6. Oooh, I thought Max was going to turn out to be your secret lover!

  7. The blushing white rose.
    You've captured everything I've ever loved, about the rose.
    It is bursting.
    -- Cip

    I shall leaf through my poem books!

    I have been promising Max a special treat if he would put a nice post together. He's pondering this thought under the dining room table.
    He is a longhaired Dachshund and has a lovely personality. Great sense of humor, very sweet, loves to walk and explore. My kind of dog. ;-)

    I will set him to work, definitely. I need to wait for the right moment, though. He can't be rushed. :-)

    I think you might have seen Mira, my mom's longhaired, red Dachshund. She's very sweet also, but her personality is very different from Max. Max pretends to be a Sir, a gentleman dog, while Lady Mira is a little she-devil, all over the place.

    The sunflowers in the fields are all dried up now, their dark brown heads ready to give up the seeds.

  10. BECCA:
    Yes, I agree, morning light is magic. And my Max, too. :-)

    Max definitely is a good alibi for a long walk! :-)

    Thank you,
    I am glad you enjoy my rose. :-)

  11. Love your photos ... what a great way to start the day.


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