Wednesday 12 September 2007

Kameel Pâtisserie

Kameel Patisserie
Bognergasse 7
First District


In the news:
What are they talking about?

“mango, peach, cantaloupe and jasmine flower”
“half the fruit is at a burgundy red ripeness
and the rest when it’s bright red,”
400 bikes specially engineered for carrying heavy loads
Koakaka Koperative y’Abanhinzi Ya Kawa Ya Karaba

You'll find the answer to this riddle in today's
Dining and Wine section of The New York Times.


  1. I drink a good cup of flavoursome espresso coffee at least 4 times a day. On its own.
    But I will have one of those cakes with a Cappuccino.

  2. In Italy, I can drink coffee all day long, but only there. Here I usually have only one espresso drink. Haven't had the time to nibble on the Kameel pastries yet. ;-)

  3. I never drank coffee before my visit to Austria a few years back. It was the cold spring mornings at the Weisses Rossl overlooking Wolfgangsee that did it. Now I have to have a cup each day, but I've yet to find such inspiring scenary as St.Wolfgang.

  4. I've just got some new coffee that has green tea extract and guarana in it. It is really delicious and doesn't half give you a life!

    Thank you Merisi dear for the kind comments on my blog!
    Lorenzo T. Llama.

  5. I love the look of that white frosted cake with the colored spots! Reminds me of a pair of pajamas, for some reason! :)

  6. yumo... I can drink all day ;o) coffee, water, wine, beer,

  7. Merisi, just wanted to say hello and I am now addicted to your blog! We have passed by one another in the comments over at Incurable Insomniac (I'm Steph's youngest son, Micah).

    I spent most of the day catching up on your archives, a plethora of wonderful images that made for a great afternoon escape! I may not be too far behind Steph and Lynette when they move over :)

  8. HEXE:
    In July, it was so hot, we went to the Weissen Rössl neighbor's terrace, because it was cooler under their shade trees.

    You are so welcome, Madame Llama! :-)

    Brian in Oxford:`*smile*
    Walking my dog this morning, right around the corner from Kameel's, I saw a cushion in a shop window that looked like a twin of that cake. ;-)

    All day? Well, me, it depends on the quantities. ;-)

    Hi Micah, welcome! And thank you.
    This will be interesting to see, how far, or shall I say how close, behind you are going to be! :-)

  9. MIAM MIAM . I defintly have to go to Vienna !!!To eat your viennoiseries !

  10. DEmel has got so incredible parties! The first one has exactly the Ladurée boxes colours!

  11. The Cakes !
    The Cakes !
    ! ! ! ! ! !

  12. I see MACARONs in that shop shot!!!
    ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


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