Saturday 14 July 2007

Vienna: Blue Sky on a Midsummer Afternoon

Pink Rose
Garden Gate near Gustav Klimt's last atelier
Vienna, Hietzing
13th District


  1. Ah, good 'ol Gustav, one of my favorites. He was quite a character.

    No pics from the atelier?

  2. i loved klimt's
    bits of silver & gold plating--
    flashing bits,
    shining up his amazing ladies.

    we should all look so grand...


  3. Lovely pink rose Merisi. Loved it.

  4. BRUCE,
    for a long time the remains of the atelier and Klimt's garden have been safeguarded by a private society, visits were possible on certains days, but I somehow never managed to take advantage of it. Recently there has been a change in ownership, if I am not mistaken, the city of Vienna has taken steps to either acquire the grounds or to find other ways to save what is still there. I will enquire and then post about it.
    Here some info from the Klimt Society's webpage:

    "There are still some fruit trees and over thirty old deciduous and coniferous trees, including yews dating from the 19th century. To the west of the studio two original rose bushes have survived as botanical �living witnesses�. When Klimt was alive these blossomed with a profusion of ash-rose flowers. The painting �Orchard with Roses� of 1912 almost certainly represents the west side of the studio garden where, according to the descriptions of Egon Schiele, there were roses in front of the window.
    Click here, to visit the webpage website of the "Verein Gedenkst�tte Gustav Klimt". It's well worth a visit, the texts are available in English! :-)

    I love Klimt too (who doesn't?). I was very saddened when last year several of his paintings which, according to the 1920ies testament of the rightful owner (the lady in the painting) were deeded to a Viennese museum, had to be let go. It was a rather traumatic event. It is like a relative died, and you can't go and visit them anymore.
    One advertising company had huge posters of one of the paintings all over Vienna, saying good-bye to the beloved "Adele". I photographed one right in front of the Klimt Villa, here.
    I hope people feel that justice was done, so the sacrifice and the loss is not for naught.

    I walk by there often, almost daily, and always have to stop and smell the roses there. :-)

  5. CUCKOO.
    Sorry, the link to the Adele poster doesn't work. Here a second try, click.

  6. Anonymous15 July, 2007

    Ohhh..I can smell that delicious rose from here!

  7. Hey, thanks for the link! I always enjoy revisiting the works of Klimt, he was truly an original. It saddens me to think of the paintings of his that were destroyed during bombings in WWII.

  8. Anonymous15 July, 2007

    Oh, send some blue sky up to me, will you. It has been pouring down all day here.
    I look forward to catch up on your blog and our correspondance.

  9. thanks for the link
    to your adele.

    when we know & love an image,
    such as this lady
    our entire life,
    we feel she IS family...

    i think.

  10. Ah, Gustav Klimt. One of the loveliest evenings of my life was spent in the Redwood Room of the Clift Hotel in San Francisco, listening to jazz and gazing at original Klimt paintings.


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