Tuesday 31 July 2007

Evening Encounter at Schönbrunn Park

Woman Looking for Ducks

How many ducks did you count?


  1. Anonymous31 July, 2007

    I love this post on ducks. I have just been sent a family of ducks in the post and love looking at them. What a lovely post this was. I'm off to count them now......

    Cherry xx

  2. Anonymous31 July, 2007

    I count twenty ducks and one Beautiful Mermaid! I'm so glad you visited. I just added you to my Blog Roll.

  3. i did not see ONE yellow duck
    wearing sunglasses!

    where did they go?


    i better check the duckmobile!

  4. none, and I am very sad of it, I don't see the pictures... I come back later...

  5. Thank you all for your comments! I wished I knew why those ducks play hide and sick more than they were supposed to (even I cannot see the photos right now). I have tried to edit and reload, yet still no duckies (they were supposed to hide only only the leaves of the sea roses, not in the blogosphere).


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