Saturday 23 June 2007

Viennese Dogs

Sometimes the best gets first place!
about applying for a job at
Ford Models

Good dog, brave photographer
(Thank you, Zeiss, for zoom! )
Candid camera on Wallnerstrasse

No dog, you say?

Two dogs and two ladies
Volksgarten Rose Garden

"Pretend you didn't notice her!"
All she wanted was a ponydog!

Water dog
Freudenau, Prater

Bike and dogs
Freudenau, Prater

Getting brave and braver.
(That was a narrow escape, believe me!)

Some dogs turn into princesdogs!
Am Graben

The Curious Incident of the Camera Shy Dog
Am Graben

They posed and posed and ...

Candid camera!

These dogs are for Carol of Paris Breakfasts,
who asked for them!
"The French," Carol tells, "are completemente fou /mad for their hounds."
Unfortunately, I forgot to ask the Viennese dogs about their keepers.

Click on the underlined words to
have Breakfast in Paris,
admire French dogs and more! :-)


  1. Anonymous24 June, 2007

    Very cute...but doggies of Paris still win the blue ribbon.

  2. Anonymous24 June, 2007

    I love this post. I have a white westie...not from Paris...but she is sooooo cute!

  3. Anonymous24 June, 2007

    I love the first one ;-)

  4. Love, love this thread of photos! All dogs are beautiful...but I love the most the first one and the two dogs on bike's photo!

    Thanks for your nice comment and also for sent a link to your friend. What interesting! Your husband has photos from Brazil?

  5. The dogs are cute.
    But I want that car!
    I want that car!

    -- Cip

  6. Paris Pup;
    Of course, these are only small town dogs, wouldn't even think of competing with their Parisian relatives! :-)))
    Btw, I have lots of pictures of "dogs that got away". :-)

    my melange;
    Thank you.
    I can understand your feelings, I wouldn't exchange my dog for any other either. ;-)

    Oh yes, that one was a real sweetie! As was his owner, who had the dog pose for me (I had to resort to begging the owners to let me photograph their dogs, because Viennese dogs have this habit of turning their backs to you as soon as they notice a camera! They don't care to show up in blogs, apparently. *g*)

    Sonia A. Mascaro:
    Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed my dog safari. :-)
    Yes, somewhere we got lots of photos of Brazil, from the good old paper days.

    Yes, the car's a cutie, too. ;-)))

  7. E type. One of my favs too, adn I have just up loaded a photo of one we have at work for you Merisi!

  8. Simon:
    Wow, that one is real cute. Where would one put a suitcase? Strap it on the roof?
    Btw, I clicked on the audio clip on your profile. Beautiful. Is this the E-way to sell Jags???

  9. Hey Merisi - super cute dogies...!! First pic and the pic of shy dog was so adorable....!
    Remember our pups ( in office) - well they are happy and we found safe homes for and my colleague are two happy people... :-)

  10. BEND:
    I am so glad you found good homes for your puppies, congratulations!

  11. love all this dogs -- I've linked to your dogs from a post on Hyde DP today.


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