Friday 29 June 2007

Country Garden

Red Currant

Sunflower and Margarita


Blue cornflower

From my mother's garden


  1. Anonymous29 June, 2007

    How gorgeous is that!

  2. Pretty flowers Merisi. What a wonderful garden your mom has.

    Would you believe that I have never seen red currants hanging from a tree? I thought they came from the supermarket! :-D

  3. the red currants backlit...

    yet ANOTHER possible magazine cover!

    you should be selling these eye goodies,
    you should...
    no really.


  4. lovely and delicious! your photos always take me away to places i'd rather be...thanks, sugar!

  5. Cornflowers are one of my favourite flowers but are getting very rare as a wild species in Britain, due to weed killers. I saw some in Poland recently.

  6. Anonymous29 June, 2007

    I am so glad you had time to enjoy your mother's colourful garden.

  7. :)))))))))))))))))))))

    No words are needed.

  8. the red currant photo - they look just like jewels. Stunning.

  9. That yellow sunflower is my favourite today!!!!!
    Hugs (:)

  10. I'll have a Margarita with redcurrants...

  11. Redcurrents look delicious. mmm.
    I have just found out how 'good' for you elderberries are. I shall be making elderberry syrup in the Autumn when they ripen. We have loads of wild elder trees in the garden. I keep cutting them down but they stubbornly grow back.
    In fact, oh joy, a break in the rain. I'll go out and do some snipping now.

  12. Carol:
    Mom's the best gardener. :-)

    Even on the East Coast, they seems to grow only in supermarkets, and at exhorbitant prices. In Austria, they grow on bushes, and abundantly. My mom makes a delicious Red Currant cake, with a pâte brisée bottom, then the fruit topped with a meringue. *yammy*

    I am ready to sell any which picture anybody wants. Just send me a mail. *chuckle*

    You are welcome, MM, to travel with me, it's so much more fun with all this fine company.

    Cornflowers, wild camomille and red poppies are back on the fields, at least in the area around my home village. The farmers have taken to leave a several feet wide swath along their fields, which are left alone, no fertilizer, no weedkillers, and the wildflowers are rewarding them with by blooming all over.

    It was sort of a mad dash, I had so much to do, but I got the pictures and the memory.

    Thank you. You are so right.
    (And I am glad nobody complained about these photos not being of Vienna!)

    Aha, somobody caught my wordplay! *smile*

  13. Maryam in Marrakesh
    Maryam, yes, they are great photo material (funny thing is, I shot several pictures, and as so often is the case, the first instinctive one turned out the best, imo, of course). :-)

    Gypsy Purple:
    Sunflowers are now showing up even on restaurant tables, in vases, that is.
    Hugs back. :-)

    I think I have never had elderberry sirup, but I love elderberry soup, with a couple of the first plums, which happen to ripen at the same time, a delicious baked Austrian cream of wheat soufle' on the side. Heaven!

    Help, I am getting hungry! :-)

  14. I'd love to grab those currants and pop them in my mouth! Upon viewing, I experienced the non-voluntary salivating response--interesting!

  15. So beautiful.....
    the currents are translucent
    xoxo would love to wander through your mothers garden.

  16. Wonderful photos, Merisi! Love specially the first one, so red and so transparent (I mean in Portuguese translúcida). Love also your mother's garden!

  17. Wow wonderful photos, I love the first one for the colors ^^

  18. Anonymous01 July, 2007

    Those red currents are amazing! I could just reach out ans touch them!

  19. Kate:
    I can't help but think of a meringue topped cake, with the tart currants between a sweet pâte brisée bottom and the meringue.

    For me it's always areturn to my childhood paths, walking in mother's garden. :-)

    Thank you, Sonia!
    Gardens are like a breather for the soul. :-)

    The light...
    Yes, late afternoon. :-)
    The sun there hangs at the horizon til about 9.30 during midsummer.

    Ele ^_^:

    my melange:
    I realized only after getting the comments, that I had forgotten to eat some. :-)

  20. Beautiful, especially the cornflower - love that blue!


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