Monday 4 June 2007

Invitation to a Walk in the First District: Part IV

Passage under the Michaeler Wing of the Hofburg
Looking back at Kohlgraben

I had heard their beautiful music from afar.

The Trivium Trio
Tunde, Diane and Mari-Liis

A little further through the Gate,
and you could listen to a very soulful
"Time to say good-bye".

Looking up at the cupola

Looking back

One last look back to the Michaelertor:
Fiaker, driving towards Michaelerplatz

The Michaelertrakt (Michael's Wing) of the Hofburg,
seen from the courtyard, "In der Burg"
("in the fortress").

This Cafe' is to your right side,
entering "In der Burg" from Michael's gate;
alas, at 7.47pm, it was closed already.
What a disappointment!

Having reached the middle of "In der Burg",
turning back towards the Palace's Michael's Wing.
(I am getting slowly confused myself!)

From "In der Burg",
you enter Heldenplatz (Heroes' Square):
Ahead, the Heldentor (Heroes' Gate),
with the Museum of the History of Art in the background

This is the view that opens
to your left, upon entering Heldenplatz.

The Austrian National Library building,
guarded by Prince Eugene of Savoy
(watch out for heavy Fiaker traffic!)

One more Fiaker.
I could have photographed at least a dozen within minutes,
a veritable Fiaker rush hour
(it was a lovely evening, after all!).

In the background, again the Heldentor.
To its right, the Museum of Natural History.
In the foreground, well, who would have guessed,
another Fiaker
. :-)

And this is part of the view
if you turned your back to the National Library.
Beyond that large green area beckons the Volksgarten,
with its beautiful Rose Garden.

I decided to walk along
the side of the Imperial Palace,
towards the Volksgarten.
In the background, beyound the gardens,
beckons City Hall, with its Gothic Towers.

... to be continued. :-)


  1. It's amazing! Vienna looks like an outdoor museum! Beautiful photos!

  2. Who knows, maybe this is what the Viennese want us to think, so they can go on and lead their merry lives while the world walks by, unsuspectingly? ;-)

  3. These pictures make me determined to get to Vienna soon! I liked the buskers; my younger son paid for the whole of high higher education (PhD in Politics) by busking with his harp!

  4. Please do continue sharing your photos with us all. It is a real eye opening experience!

  5. MAALIE:
    Chapeau! Earning a PhD with a harp, amazing! :-)
    I hope you don't expect too much from Vienna, everybody seems to have his or her own reality here, or dreams, for that matter (I cried all the way to the airport after my first visit here, knowing I had to come back live here!).

    c'est moi:
    Guess it will be a while til I desist doing so, I enjoy sharing my impressions. ;-)

  6. Thanks for visiting me, I'll be keeping the garden photos going. Thank you for that great walk throug Vienna again. I love it. The carrige rides remind me of doing that in Saltzburg.

  7. Love the buskers. We have a Romanian immegrant who plays the piano accordian (not very well) outside Netto in the village. He only knows four tunes and rotates them. A lot of the customers of Netto find him annoying but I love him and always find some change for him. I saw him in Stockport the other day outside MacDonalds. He obviously has his pitches scattered around the area. He was still playing the same tunes though.

    Maalie's son plays the harp like
    an angel. He played last year at my mother's funeral. Not a dry eye in the house.

  8. Anonymous07 June, 2007

    Your city is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us!


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