Sunday 3 June 2007

Invitation to a Walk in the First District: Part III

View of the Imperial Palace
St. Michael's Wing, Michaelerplatz
from Kohlmarkt
Friday evening, 19.15 pm

Demel gone ... Priscilla?

Elvis at Demel's?

Michaelerhaus (1720)
Heissenberger Tea & Coffee
Kohlmarkt 11

St. Michael's Church

View from Michaelerplatzs
towards Reitschulgasse

Café Griensteidl
Michaelerplatz 2

View of Schauflergasse from Griensteidl

Michaelerplatz - Schauflergasse
Fountain, Imperial Palace

Michaelerplatz 2, detail
Friday evening, 7.30pm

For more pictures of Michaelerplatz,
click here, please.


  1. absolutely so makes me so sad that i'll have to just imagine being in vienna this summer..we had to postpone our trip...i'll just have a virtual vacation with you!

  2. Savannah,
    I love to make virtual vacations with you. :-)
    Btw, early fall or Christmas are also beautiful here.

  3. Such grand buildings, Merisi!
    And the way you capture them makes them even grander!

  4. Anonymous04 June, 2007

    It seems at every turn there is a beautiful scene awaiting you!
    I especially liked the post on Cafe Hawelka.
    Do you have any really ugly photos of Vienna?

  5. That cake is absolutely incredible! Something for a daring baker challenge! So many beautiful photos here! Marco's flew to Vienna early this morning, he will be back late tomorrow night, hopefulle with a real Sachertorte!

  6. Hahaha...I like letitia's suggestion of posting some ugly photos. Although I am sure you would make even those look good ;)

    Letitia, I would cry all the way home, if I'd have to leave Vienna right away. I have barely scratched the surface!
    I will look through my archive, searching for some not so pretty sights. Almost hopeless, though (would you please write the Major of Vienna, that I said so? *laugh*).

    Daring baker?
    (Usually, when I see a cake like this, I'd assume it is inedible, but with Demel's, I'm sure its fingerlicking good *g*).

    You got it right, beauty is my calling (and then again, I might just find that naughty streak in me, somewhere, if I only try hard enough ... *smile*).


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