Monday 14 May 2007

How to Make an Apple Strudel

With both your hands, pull the strudel dough,
on a large cotton or linen sheet,
til you could read
your favorite poem, if placed underneath.
Use melted butter to write a secret message on the dough.
(Close your eyes, and think of one!)

With a little butter,
toast fresh breadcrumbs to a light golden hue.
Sprinkle this mixture on lower quarter of the dough.

Distribute the crumbs evenly, with a soft touch,
so as not to tear the dough.

Distribute sliced apples on top of the breadcrumbs

At Demel's, the strudel master stretches a sheet
large enough, to make three long strudels.

Sprinkle a bit of sugar, ground cinnamon and clove
over the apple slices (ground walnuts too, if you like).

Note: These photos were taken at Demel's,
which spices they add, I did not ask.

On the side closest to you,

and on both ends

pull the edges of the dough over the apple filling.

With a quick movement,
lift the sheet,

and roll the dough and filling away from you.
This is the spiralling motion,
that gives the Strudel its name,
rolling the dough swiftly, thereby creating a maelstrom or vortex.

All done!

Gently push aside any apple slices between the strudels,
and pull and pinch the dough to create a barrier between them.

Pull the pinched together piece of dough up,

and separate the strudels.

Put the strudels on a parchment lined baking sheet,

patting and pulling,

as if caressing them effusively,

til they are all lined up,
in glorious perfection.

And now lets praise
the skills of this master strudel baker!

I would like to dedicate this post
to my friend Brigitte
my partner in strudel baking.
Together, we are veterans of 52 strudels,
baked one morning, to serve to 250 kids,
and one fine day we raised 1,500 US dollars
for children in Africa,
by teaching the art of strudel making
to a round of fifteen willing ladies.

Unbeknownst to me,
Carol of Paris Breakfast
was dedicating Friday's post,
La Pâtisserie Viennoise, to me.
That same morning, I was busy photographing
the making of an apple strudel
at Demel's. Thinking of Carol. :-)

Have a great day,
a slice of Strudel with Schlag included. :-)


  1. Did they let you in to take the photos?

    I'd love a slice of this strudel when it's baked. With a Cafe Viennois, please.

  2. You reminded me that I once saw a Strudel demo too. It was the most amazing thing I have EVER SEEN!
    Strudel is HUGE!!!!

  3. Amazing is the only word I can think of --!!

  4. i'm with cream on this one...may i have some, too?

  5. This is the most delicious (not to mention poetic) post in ages......! Yum, I want to eat that whole streudel and waddle off contentedly.

  6. Yum! Yum! Yum! I must go find something to eat now....

    (I also loved your city/country posts from this weekend as well. You seem to stay so busy. And see so much!)(Can you tell I'm back to feeling somewhat cloistered?)

  7. Anonymous14 May, 2007

    How I wish I was a little fly on top of your camre lence. This is so cool.

  8. Anonymous15 May, 2007

    I saw this on tv just last month - one one of those travel shows - I'm sure it was the same place. It was fascinating then and still is now! Great photos!
    We really don't get enough strudel in Australia!!!

  9. Cream:
    Theoretically, anybody could make those pictures.
    All you need to do, is getting to Vienna! :-)

    You are right, "Strudel is HUGE!!!!" :-)
    What I like best about it, you can almost call it health food, and still, it satisfies your sweet tooth (just leave off the cream *smile*).

    Amazing, and yet so simple, once you get the hang of it. :-)

    Sure, to the South with love, i.e. cream! :-)

    Maryam in Marrakesh:
    Thank you, you are very sweet.
    (Fly me in, and I bake up a storm for you and your guests. Marokko + strudel = ?)

    tlc illustration:
    Me too! :-)
    You are right, I am very busy, almost breathlessly so, these days. Hope you are planning your next excape soo! Vienna?

    Bring your own camera, and shoot away! :-)

    Freefalling (Letitia): Thank you!
    Maybe I should make a career out of travelling around the world, teaching strudel baking. What a mission this would be! Earnestly. Wow, I am beginning to put up a business plan .... ;-)

  10. If you are serious on Business plans for must come to will find your classes booked to in turn you can learn...Indian

    On other note - this was such amazing class ( long distance....)

  11. Bendtherulz:
    Thank you! :-)
    Hm, should I cancel my Italian vacation in July, and working on a Strudel World Tour instead??? *laugh*

  12. the photos are absolutely amazing...How very interesting! What a great dedication to the African children! Thank you!

  13. My mouth is watering over here in England.


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