Tuesday 1 May 2007

Viennese Moments

Wiener Verführung
Viennese Temptations *

(Stubenring & Wollzeile) *

St. Anna's Church
Annagasse, view from Kärtner Strasse *

Pour Mama
Gerstner K & K Hofzuckerbäcker *
Café Konditorei
Kärntner Straße 11-15

St. Stephan's Cathedral *


Café Sacher *
(Can you spy the Starbucks logo?)

Churhausgasse and St. Stephan's Cathedral *
Corner of Singergasse

Burggarten *

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  1. I like the st stefan's cathedral tiled roof, it is so incredible to see all these paterns!

  2. Hi Delphine,
    my favorite view is from the Churhausgasse, always different, depending on the season and the time of day, yet taking my breath away each time I have it in front of me.

  3. Anonymous01 May, 2007

    More Wien temptations ;-) One day I will be there. I haven't decided yet if December and the Christmas Markets, or the green spring is the best time to go....... May be both :-)

  4. Anonymous01 May, 2007

    And then, Britt Arnhild, don't forget the lovely autumn! And summer on the danube, all the city an open-air opera house, theater, concert hall. Vienna Philharmonics in Schönbrunn. Any questions? :-)

  5. What about "pour Papa"?

  6. Britt-Arnhild:
    As long as you get along with my other friends, as often as you'd like (I do have a dining table, that is used to being converted into a holding bay for papers *grin*).

    Well, that comes in June in these parts of the world. :-)
    As far a my father is concerned, he'd rather have taken me out fishing in the slow flowing arms of the river, under alluvial forests, than to a coffee house. Pink wasn't his colour either. :-)

  7. Oh, yes, you are right: summer on the danube, making a boat trip to Bratislava, the wonderful way to discover the lovely centre of the town! I wish I could come back tomorrow!

  8. Those are VERY BIG macarons in that picture!!
    They seem to be sitting at cafe tables like everyone else in Vienna...

  9. Delphine, this city is really incredible: I gave one of my daughters a ride to University today (over in Kaisermühlen), and then, out of the blue, I was taking a stroll along the Danube, and a little later I was at St. Marx (were I ended up at a private estate - think mustard! *g* -, before finding the needle ear that lead me to the cemetary). Hope you may be able to return soon!

    Carol, I have no idea how the size compares to the true Parisienne ones, to me they seem pretty tiny, at 70 cents each (I hadn't thought that these macarons had sneeked in, today's Dommayer ones I did leave out *g*).
    Yeah, everyone is sitting at coffee tables except me (if I wouldn't meet people or feed my own kids there, I'd hardly ever see one from the inside).


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