Thursday 10 May 2007

Vienna's St. Marx Cemetery

Billy Ann Lopez
about St. Marx
A spring and a autumn visit, here.


  1. Nice to see Mozart's grave there. As you know, I placed flower's on Tchaikovsky's grave in St. Petersburg last week, in my mind it was a symbolic tribute to him and all composers. You can't go round to every grave :-)

  2. Sorry, I meant to add that St. Marx Cemetery looks a good deal more leafy and bright than the Tikhvin Cemetery in St. P., which I thought had a rather austere atmosphere.

  3. More fantastic pictures!!!

  4. MAALIE:
    St. Marx is definitely not austere looking. Hard to find the right words to describe it. It does not give a feeling of effeteness, more of a desired indulgence, a sense of acquiesent, almost joyful surrender: the party's over, let's dance a waltz! I always come away with a sense of peacefulness.

  5. I am sure you were not there just for Mozart....hmmm that damN

  6. (Psst, don't tell anyone, I was out there saving the "Itsy Bitsy Spider"!)

  7. I was in a park this morning and all I could see was you with your camera.
    Everywhere I looked I was thinking: "Where would Merisi be standing to take a photo of this."

    It is like when I was did clouds at watercolour class. I was forever looking up to the sky chasing and framing them.

  8. Anonymous10 May, 2007

    There is such an energy in cementeries, the stillness seems soft, I have never been bothered by cementeries...I like looking at the gravestones too.

    I thought Mozart was buried in a common grave? I am glad to see a mark and a beautiful one set up for him.

  9. > I was just thinking like Correy, while looking at your pictures (how peaceful seams to be this cemetery!) : is this a Mozart "memorial" ? I remember the story of the poor genius's death, without a penny to pay his grave! Or did they took the remains out of the common grave?

  10. There's something so unique about old cemeteries like this one - such charm and character and love - not like modern American cemeteries, where everything looks more or less the same. These photos remind me a bit of Pere Lachaisse in Paris.


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