Friday 4 May 2007

Market Day: Kutschkermarkt

18th District
Kutschkergasse & Währingerstrasse
Monday through Freitag
6am to 6.30pm
6am to 2pm
Photos from this past Monday,
as are the flowers and the


  1. Anonymous04 May, 2007

    I know I keep saying this but it's so wonderful to see Vienna in the sunshine. Wow!!

    Cherry xx

  2. Cherry,
    this has been months of continous sunshine. Feels like we moved to the South.:-)
    (My friend in Florence tells me they actually got summer temperatures for some time now - how many days til you'll be there?). Can't wait to see you in your home, i.e. PICTURES!!! :-)

  3. Why don`t my fruit and vegetable market look like that????

  4. Your photos of the stalls of fruits and vegetables are spectacular. I love our city market, too! Now it's almost all flowers, but the rest will be harvested soon for photo-heaven.

  5. Merisi, you keep astounding me with your amazing photos!
    Those pomegranates look perfectly ripe!
    And the white asparagus! Ahhh!
    Never seen healthier basil or rosemary!
    And fennel, too, next to the lollo rosso!

    You Viennese residents are spoilt with nice weather and wonderful produce!
    No wonder you're always happy!

    I would have thought that in your part of the world, there would be a spectacular variety and display of produce.
    Like Rome also Vienna is blessed by very fertile areas around the city, and Viennese growers are known for their craft (plus there are areas that have warmer micro climates, right at the city's gate). The city also has the true South so close by, which makes for great variety the year round.
    Local aspargus for example has been harvested and offered on produce stands for a month now (and it tastes oh so good, I roast a batch every other day).
    I sound like a broken record by now, I keep telling the Viennese who always lived here, how blessed they are in so many ways. You are right, spoilt. That's it. And I do feel spoilt, utterly. After living in two other great capital cities, I cannot believe my luck in having found another little paradise on earth.
    Here are pictures from the fall, Yppenmarket.

  7. Anonymous04 May, 2007

    You make Vienna come alive. I am filled with emoton, each time I see your special photographs. I have not been to Vienna since I was a young girl.

    Take good care.

  8. I like the yellow of the canopy in the market shot and I like the fluffy tree in "Hidden Ne'hood Treasures".
    Have just arrived for the first time at your blog - but I can't wait to enjoy myself looking at your previous posts.

    Welcome, and I am looking forward to your return visits!
    You made me look for another Tim Winton novel! I read "Dirt Music" and loved his beautiful description of Australian landscapes.

    Thank you for your thoughts, I am touched. I have fallen in love with this new home of mine, head over heals. Are there any special places you'd like to "see" again? Are you planning a visit?

  10. I love marketing pictures! I love the colors. It's a place where real people go and do real shopping.


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