Saturday 5 May 2007

Looking Up

.. and down to earth.

From yesterday's late afternoon walk
in the 13th District, part 3.


  1. Merisi, you must do some walking, girl.
    Don't ever stop! I am enjoying your walks.

  2. Cream,
    in Vienna one can walk in beauty to one heart's content doing everyday errands. These pictures here are all from the streets around the place where I live, three city blocks maybe, but up and down and over the hill. I have more pictures from my milk-run in petto. ;-)
    Some are hiding out here.

  3. Anonymous05 May, 2007

    Your photos are always so beautiful and interesting Merisi. You have inspired me to take my camera with me downtown the last two days. The first one are up in my blog today, and there will be more to come.

  4. Great title for this post.

  5. There are really so many wonderful things to see if you raise your eye while you walk! Great pics!

  6. Anonymous07 May, 2007

    It's true, a camera is like an extra eye and able to hold on to otherwise fleeting moments. I think this is why I love taking pictures the way I do. As much as I appreciate the wonderful artistry of other photographers (whom I admire for their art), trying to capture these moments corresponds more to my natural inclination.

    Thank you. I learned this from one of my daughters, who told me during one of my first days in Vienna, that here you "always have to look up". And how true it is.

    Yes. And you are yourself a very good observer and it is always a delight to look at your photos.

  7. Merisi, I like when you just catch all these buildngs detail, this is urban poesy!

    Those buildings are all in my immediate neighbourhood, maybe three square blocks. And this is one part of the 13th District that doesn't have those fabulous villas. And still, I discover new details every time I get some milk (and come home late then *g*).

  9. Vienna would do well to have photos taken all in B&W if the photographer is so inspired, wouldn't it, especially the architecture? So lovely.


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