Wednesday 30 May 2007

9th District: Strudlhof Steps

"She was thinking back to the year 1910
and picturing the newly opened Strudlhof Steps
in the Alsergrund district of Vienna, where her husband,
whom she'd married such a short time before,
had kissed her all of a sudden on a warm evening in autumn
when it smelled of the leaves lying on the stone stairs.

Heimito von Doderer, "The Strudlhof Steps"
Melzer, and the Depth of the Years
A Novel

tranlated by Vincent Kling

1) English translation of the novel, by Vincent Kling
2)Heimito von Doderer Society
3) For more pictures of the Strudlhofstiege, click here, please.


  1. Anonymous31 May, 2007

    How many districts do you have in Wien?
    These steps looks so inviting because of all the green.

  2. Good evening, Britt-Arnhild:
    There are 23 districts. I found
    this map which shows you the location and the names of the districts.

  3. fantastic photos again Merisi!

  4. I am inclined to agree with both my precessors in the comment box. Stunning photos. That is one dandy little camera you've got there.

  5. It is fascinating to me, the quips and quotes that alude to the very places where you are, and have been. Really amazing.
    You are surrounded by Paradise, it seems.

  6. My former home! Ok, not the steps, but the area :-) Great pictures.

  7. Love those steps!!! (well, maybe not the though of climbing them frequently). And all the detail pictures.

  8. simon:
    Thank you. :-)

    c'est moi:
    Thank you. And yes, as tempted as I am to upgrade, I hesitate, because all the cameras I've been flirting with are larger, and I wouldn't be able to carry them along as easily as my little Sony. So wider angle and more zoom will have to wait.

    There'd be so many more books to quote, if only I had the english translations. And I do feel as if I am in paradise, I hadn't imagined a city like this. It's quite wonderful to wake up in a dream (Dr. Freud, do I need help? *g*).

    Thanks to your brother, who followed in your steps, was I able to visit those steps again last monday, and even though it was raining cats and dogs, I enjoyed it lots. :-)

    tlc illustration:
    Living in Vienna, walking becomes a way of transportation naturally. I think I've never been so fit, I can literally run those steps now without breathing harder.


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