Wednesday 25 April 2007

Into the Garden

Thinking Blogger Award

Gemma - Take the Gentle Path
blog writer Gemma, and The Green Greek's Irene,
have nominated my blog for the
"Thinking Blogger Award".
I feel truly honoured, and would like to thank both from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful surprise!
I had a hard time deciding
which of my favorite blogs I should nominate.
There are so many more
than the five requested I enjoy and read.
After much thinking, I decided I will give you five now and, having received two nominations, I shall name a couple more over the next weeks, if I am allowed to.

Lucullian Delights - An Italian Experiance

Swedish born Ilva dazzles with her
Slow Life Food and Images from Tuscany.
A daily inspiration.
I am addicted to her
Saffron Jogurt with Spicy Honey:
A culinary adventure in exotic spices,
saffron, fresh ginger, cinnamon and cardamom.
(Pounding cardamom seeds with mortar and pestle
may become a morning ritual for you, be forewarned


Simo "Schizzinosa" Capecchi
paints and writes from Naples, Italy.
Her travel sketchbooks are a joy to follow.
Do not miss the photos from the 2007 Sketchbooks exhibit
and Schizzinosa's own "My travel sketchbooks photoset",
all linked from her blog.

An Ordinary Life

When I read Simon Cotter's profile for the first time, I had to smile about him expressing the hope, that the reader
"will take the time to read it from the beginning":
How can anybody think I would read a blog from the very beginning? I knew that Australia was home to some great storytellers, Tim Winton, Morris West, Peter Carey, Richard Flanagan, David Malouf, Janet Frame, to name a few.
But a great story on a blog?
Well, I must confess, after reading the most recent installments,
I was happy to be able to go to the archive,
and read all the posts from the beginning!
I hope you enjoy his story as much as I do.
This is not all he has to offer:
Follow this link,
and you will discover Simon Cotter, the baritone.
Here you can listen to the song "The Lake Isle of Innisfree",
from his CD "Landscapes: Songs of the British Isles".

My Marrakesh
A Place for Lifestyle and Design
and the bemused tale of an American family's quest
to build a guesthouse in Marrakesh.

If Maryam, the American woman in Marrakesh,
would "only" report about lifestyle and design on her blog,
and tell bemused tales about their guesthouse, as she states in her heading,
hers would still be an interesting blog.
What makes Maryam's blog stand out, are her intersting life's stories.
She affirms the picture I have of so many American women,
who are highly educated, know the world and their fellow traveller,
and are able to adjust to life under the most trying circumstances with grace and humility, and with the conviction, that tomorrow comes another day that can be loved and conquered.
Everybody should have at least one friend like her.

r a m
really accessible memory

Rowland Jones recently moved from Manchester to the Umbrian countryside.
You can follow his life's stories under the heading My entire life in little bits!, or study his idea of Creative Workout, among a wide range of other topics
that he links to from his blog.
Reading his very tempting recipes,
gives you the wants to travel to Italy immediately, taking one of his Photography inc. courses in Umbria,
to be held in a beautiful hillside village
in Umbria near to Lake Trasimeno.
The course includes lunch with wine (!)
at his and his wife's home, a converted 15th Century cantina!


  1. You definitely deserve it, Merisi.
    I cannot believe I missed you visit to Café Diglas.
    My passion is restaurants of any type.
    I love your apple tree too.

  2. I have a link to you over in my blog today ;-)

  3. Congrats !! So finally you got under the meme spell...though a good one !!

    I loved the way you have named all the blog with flowers....its a beautiful gesture - truly shows that you are a very thoughtful person !

    Will make the visits to these blogs on your recommendation. ( Time ....!!)
    Tk care ~

  4. Thanks a lot, I'm very happy and I found new blogs to read!

  5. i am deeply touched... thank you.

  6. Hi, Thanks for the nomination and glad you're enjoying the site!
    I didn't quite understand your message: were you nominated as well?

    I can't actually find the Thinking Blogger site: what is the URL?


    PS I thought I'd posted this message last week: but it doesn't appear to be there!!


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