Friday 27 April 2007

Evening at Schönbrunn Park


Your comments are a great joy and encouragement
to continue my little quest
to find at least one beautiful subject a day to hold on to,
and cherish, and put the pictures on this little blog.
It really makes my day when I read that you enjoy visiting here,
and I would like to apologies that lately I have been not very prompt
in thanking every single one of you commenters.
I had a very good week, lots of growth spurts,
lots of joy, but I have also tried to be disciplined*),
staying with my work.
This afternoon I even cleaned up my desk
(not only cleared, but organized!).

Before this blog turns into a confessional,
let me end with wishing you a great weekend,
and I am looking forward to your return visits.

Thank you all!
Merisi xxx

* make that "somewhat disciplined", please.
Is more fitting the true nature of my ... well, character.


  1. I wish I go back to Vienna this year...

  2. Loving the walk...loved the second pic - its like tunnel and open sky.

  3. Every time I am amazed by your photos you come up with even better ones!

  4. I've been there! But it looks nicer on an atmospheric evening than a muggy, overcast summer day.

  5. I know who to books for a guide when I come to Wien.
    I have never been there, but it is among my parent's favorite cities, so I have put it on my list of places to visit :-)

  6. Beautiful photos. I have not visited you for a while but obviously did at the right time. Visiting from home is better than not getting to visit at all. Thank you.

  7. Egad, these pictures are fall-to-the-ground-gasping-for-air beautiful. In fact, I am afraid they are too beautiful. It's just not fair to the rest of the world:-)

  8. I agree with Maryam. 100%

    thank you too for your nomination!

    I am humbled really and not sure what else to say.


  9. The trees!!! Especially in the second picture...

  10. Oh, how beautiful! I've never been to Vienna, but these photos make me want to jump on a plane and go today (unfortunately, my bank account tells me that I'm not going anywhere that I can't reach on the subway).


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