Thursday 8 March 2007

Venice: Santa Maria della Salute

Arriving from the sea, with San Marco to your right,
this grand basilica welcomes you
at the entrance to the Canal Grande.

A walk around the basilica.

Looking back at Santa Maria della Salute
from the Accademia.

I ventured twice out to the islands in the Lagoon,
one time to Murano,
just to turn immediately back on the next vaporetto,
to see this magnificent building from the sea in the evening mist.
Besides meandering for hours through the calli and over the bridges, guided by nothing but my own curiosity,
I enjoyed most the time I spent on the Venetian waterways.
I could have stayed on them forever.


For a beautiful artist's rendition of the church, click here.


  1. The pure Lady of Venice :-)

  2. Yes, she's heartbreakingly beautiful. :-)

  3. such lovely blue looks more like a dream...!

    I can imagine your plight leving all this splendor!!

  4. I lived in the rhythm of a bird while I was in Venice, getting up at down and to bed soon after sunset (when exhaustion set in *g*), all in order not to miss the light in the early mornings. It's magical, you really don't want to let go, I tell you. Only six and a half hours train ride from paradise ... :-)


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