Tuesday 6 March 2007

Venetian Dreaming

Caffè macchiato e cornetto

Zaletti look tempting, too.

Or would you rather have a Galano with your coffee?

I would rather nibble on a meringue kiss right now.

And then ride a gondola into the sunny afternoon.
Any volunteers who'd like to come along?


  1. ok-when and where do we meet?

  2. I'm coming. And I want all three cakes please.

  3. Stop! I've been trying to lose weight since Christmas! (BTW it's 12 degrees here today -- woo hoo! What's that in F? :)

  4. ME! on all counts! :o)

  5. Oh no!!!! .....now I must add you to the list of "temptresses" as well....as per my blog......this is too much.....but so heavenly

  6. Me! Me! I'll come! (And pack some of those meringues!)

  7. In my dreams I am rushing through the calli to gather all those sweets for you (there are no calories in dreams, andrea!). ;-)
    As soon as I find a good meeting place, I shall tell you about it.
    Hope this works for you all.

  8. Dear girl, I don't even care about the calories at this point. It all looks unbelievable and I do hope you are making the most of it.

  9. Dear Maryam,
    I have the zanetti and the meringues on my "to eat" list for future reference. ;-) There was only so much I could do (i.e. eat!) in three and a half days. As far as coffee tastings, I was pretty efficient, enjoyed about five a day. Each and everyone tasted like made for the Gods! *dreamdreamdream*

  10. Sweet Lord!
    You are tempting me with that caffe macchiato.
    Reeling me in with the zaletti.
    Killing me with the Galano.
    And clogging my very last artery with that meringue kiss.
    One of those pointy boats there can haul me off to the mortician's, I guess.
    -- Cip


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