Friday 16 March 2007

I Spy Something Gold

A Lindt Goldhase!

Many many Goldhasen!
(Meinl am Graben)

Meinl Moor with giant Lindt Goldhasen
Careful. These are mansion dwellers.
They ain't no nest stuffers.

Cuddly Lindt Gold Bunny

Lindt Gold Bunny with truffle filled chocolate eggs
I loved those eggs.
You should've seen
how fast I was stripping them down
to the bare chocolate

More Gold Bunnies?
No problem, there are bunnies galore hopping all over
at Paris Breakfasts,
where Carol's in the middle
of an in-depth Lindt Gold Bunny study
(to tell the bare bunny truth,
we are talking obsession here!).


  1. Mmmmm, my mouth is watering.
    My Marta hopes to find alot of chocolate in Venice when we come there at Easter.

  2. I have no idea what you're talking about here..obsession

  3. I think this bunny is following me

  4. Suddenly I have an overwhelming craving for chocolate.

    Blather From Brooklyn

  5. britt-arnhild:
    I noticed that even in Italy the "gourmet" chocolates are taking over. Your daughter sure will be able to indulge her chocolate cravings! :-)

    paris breakfasts:
    Eh, Carol, methinks you are a long way from comitting yourself into Betty Ford's Chocolate Addicts Wing. ;-)

    gypsy purple:
    Same here. (I confess, I ate part of one last night, self defense, you understand?)

  6. annulla:
    I sure hope you encounter some relief soon, on four legs, or not. ;-)

  7. just came back from a matinee concert at the Berlin philharmonic (of course, followed by lunch, guess what - a wiener schnitzel *g*) and then in front of the KaDeWe I spotted him, a big, no an immense photography of the Lindt Gold Bunny right overt the main entrance to the department store, and several windows are also decorated with big chocolate Gold Bunnies. Next time I'll have my camera with me and shoot some photos.

  8. Hi gwenn,
    so good to see you here!
    Looks like we should start a whole chapter on Lindt Bunny sightings. I am looking forward to your photos. :-))
    The Vienna Philharmonic was playing in Paris last night, I thought of you, maybe ... (I was at the rehearsal on Friday, they'll perform the Bruckner 8th this coming tuesday in Berlin - get tickets, one of the most memorable performances I ever listened to, I am still in awe).

  9. Oh, no! I just missed this year's chocolate festival in Versoix (next to the Lake of Geneva). Lindt's is not the only one there are other chocolate bunnies in Switzerland. Enjoy these sights


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