Monday 19 March 2007

Bignè di San Giuseppe

Here you can find a recipe, and
here's a photo of an authentic* Italian version.
Enjoy! :-)

Cafè Schwarzenberg

Bon appetit!

* This just in,
re "Bigne' di San Giuseppe":
"PS. però il bignè di san Gius. (a Roma) è fritto e con la crema dentro quelli li chiamiamo o bignè e basta o éclaires (:francais) alla panna, al cioccolato, al caffè, nocciola, pistacchio etc.. secondo fantasia."
Thanks to the dearest Roman of them all!
Anbody out there wants this translated?
(At your risk, though!)
Signed off,
under the snow covers of this 20th of March,


  1. that looks delicious!! i have made tea about 6 times since i got the new kettle only a few days ago =)
    thanks for the lovely comments as always, i'm feeling much better!

  2. hello, thanks for visiting! did you find the recipe? let me know if not....

    Your Saturday poem is quite painfully lovely.

  3. Sarah:
    So glad you are feeling better (Target be blessed!).
    Welcome! Cardamom chocolate cake still only a dream, though.

  4. yes, i have the recipe! you will find it here

  5. Chocolate, cardamom, almonds and coffee? What rapture! Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my chocolate loving heart. :-)))))

  6. oh! its all too much for my waist! :o)

    I am trying to cut back on coffee too, but you photos have made me go and get one.

    OH! BTW the package will be posted tomorrow :o)

  7. You`ve done it again...I`m drooling here!!!!

  8. Simon:
    You're talking about me? ;-)))
    (I am looking forward to!)

    gypsy purple:
    Quick, quick, get the tissues! :-))

  9. YUM
    OK here's a research assignment for you in Vienna-
    What do THEY call Danish pastries/ Viennoiseries?
    Here's a picture for reference...

  10. Paris:
    I think the Austrians use the term "Plundergebäck". I shall enquire with the proper authorities, do need a bit of time for that, though (somehow business always curtails pleasure, rats!). :-)))


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