Sunday 25 March 2007

After the Rain

Sunday morning walk in the 13th District


For larger images, click on them once.


  1. Oh, they are beautiful. Magnolia, is it?
    I have some good shoots from Easter in Italy last year.

  2. Yes it is a Magnolia. I have one in my garden.. Beautiful! thanskagain Merisi

  3. Absolutely stunning...thanks!!!

  4. Nature and its beautiful colours!

  5. Aha - I can feel the rain on my face.
    Loved the pic where sunlight is filtering through the leaves..!
    Did you get drenched in

  6. this time of the year brings new discoveries and awareness with every turn of the head...every sight line brings joy to my soul!

  7. Lovely series... Well done!

  8. These are really breath taking!

  9. Anonymous16 May, 2007

    simply lovely, your series :D
    I am clicking here and there your blog and am happy to discover images of Vienna! In fact i have been in Vienne last summer with my family but it rained cats and dogs during 3 days that we hinded most of the time in cafes... and i LOVE the ambiance in cafés of Vienne, and cafe of course!! magazines and papers available, friendly service, people murmuring or simply reading or writing on their own... make an ambiance agreeable and a picture classical... specially in rainy days ;) Thanks again for your photos in your blog!


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