Monday 26 February 2007

Venice: On the Water


  1. this is real Venice!! water water water, and doors over the water, and windodw over the water, to try look inside passing in a gondola.
    nice pictures, the ones I like more.

  2. Yes, beautifully colored water and the narrowest of streets, that's my mental picture of Venice. I got my boots wet more than once, stepping too close to the water. ;-)

  3. These four are deliciously paintable; I especially like the one at the top for the composition.

    My camera is not an SLR unfortunately (I must save or die of envy...) but it's a good midrange digital and highly rated. It's a Fuji S3100 -- obsolete now but there are newer models.

  4. Andrea,
    Thank you,
    and thanks for the camera info, too! May I ask how long you had your Fuji (since my Sony's seem to have such a short life span)?


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