Tuesday 27 February 2007

Venice Dreaming

Per il servitore di Paco


  1. Did you ride a tragetto?
    Scary but fun,,,

  2. I would love that to be me!!!!

  3. I can never have enough of your photos :-)
    You could make a book out of them.

  4. Paris Breakfast:
    I cannot imagine how one can riding these tiny nutshells standing up! I was watching that couple with great awe, not leaving them out of my eye until they turned the corner. What a feat! I don't think I would try, except in the summer, in swimwear, to be ready for the downfall. :-)))
    @ gypsy purple:
    I'm not so sure, as I've pointed out above. Sitting down, yes!
    @ luc:
    Paco, the gatto who reigns supreme. ;-)
    Thank you!


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