Thursday 8 February 2007

Of Spring They Sing

Neuer Markt

Flower shop on Kärtner Strasse
Opposite the Opera

... on a rainy evening.



  1. Lucky you. It is icy cold here, I drink hot chocolate and sit as close to the fire as possible :-)

  2. I looked at your beautiful house in the snow, I wouldn't mind staying snowed in there for a while. ;-)
    Here, the weather is incredibly mild, indeed. First, Indian Summer lasted til the end of november, all of december the temperatures were so mild, you wanted to stroll the Christmas markets every night, then January came and went, a little winter pretender so to speak. Apparently some birds never left the city this winter.


    For the second time this week, Blogger is attempting to force me to switch to the new system. I can't log in and load pictures at the moment. Well, I'll attempt to sit them out, we'll see. Sooner or later, I will switch, right now I don't have the extra time and patience to comply with Bloggy's whims. ;-)

  3. Last 2 pics...I am sure you don't want me to say what you already know...they are so pretty....I loved the rain drops...

  4. Rest assured, I'll never want to stop reading kind words. ;-)

    The tulips in the last picture were bent almost horizontally from the weight of rain drops, you can see part of them in the upper right of the middle picture. Amidst all the rain on Monday night, there was so much beauty.

  5. Yes, and we now have autumn clothes in the shops!


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