Saturday 10 February 2007

Invitation to a Walk



Looking towards Judenplatz
(Administrative Court at Judenplatz 11)

Parisergasse looking toward Judenplatz

Turning right from Parisergasse into
Schulhof and looking up:
Statues on the roof of the Kirche am Hof

Kirche am Hof
"Nine Choirs of Angels" Church on Hof Square

"Bank Austria" building adjacent to Kirche am Hof

Am Hof Square
Mariensäule (Column of Our Lady)
To the left, the Citizens' Armoury
(Do you know any city's fire services
housed in a more beautiful building?)



St. Peter's Church



  1. I love YOUR walks Merisi!
    Merci :)

  2. Cobbled street...I loved the pics...close alley and opening into the clean....!

  3. I love your walks too. What beatuiful, atmospheric streets and buildings.

  4. Lovely, so lovely. I like the last shot especially - that would be the view we get if we were walking, not the grand view or the wide shot. I get goosebumps with your walk series.

  5. Hello!

    I am new to your blog and I just love the photos! I lived in German for almost six years and I miss Europe dearly. Your photos made me very homesick. Your profile does not tell me who you are or anything else - could you provide some more information? Are you a professional photographer? Writer? Parent? Your blog inspired me to post some of my European photos on my blog. Thank you for visiting my blog - I am glad you found me so I could find you! Will be back!


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