Thursday 22 February 2007


More than a thousand pictures like this!
I swear, I wasn't drunk.
Just stupid.


  1. Oh no!!!

    The pictures look great like this, but I hope for your sake that this is undoable.

    Welcome back!

  2. Still -- there's an orderliness about them that is comforting.

    You're right, Merisi -- I need a trip to Venice. Did I mention that I hate you? :)

  3. I think they look fantastic!

  4. @ catharina:
    Well, it looks like my photos are going to stay that way. A thousand or so, times 16. *hehe*
    @ andrea:
    I love to be hated that way. Have you already booked your flight? It's low season, you know. ;-)))
    As far as the pictures are concerned, I have made my peace with them. It was already so much fun shooting them:
    Getting up at 5 in the morning, seeing Venice slowly waking up and then shoot photos til 8 and afterwards at "Al Todaro" in Piazza San Marco a cappuccino con frustarella (or whatever the heavenly good Venetian Carnevale donut is called, without a hole, but with arancini and pinenuts *sooogood*), drinking and eating while looking out at the Laguna. Heaven. :-)

  5. @ simon:
    Thank you.
    They're splendid memories. Til the next visit. It's only 7 hours by train. Very tempting. ;-)

  6. I share my views with Andrea...though you are saved as you have shared the

    Such splendid costumes and makeup....! I have seen only in pics....I just wish...ahean...

  7. @ bendtherulz:
    I'm relieved, thank you. Shall supply more picture as an extra safety cushion. :-)
    Yes, the costums are stunning. And the whole city a stage.


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