Saturday 24 February 2007

The Beauty Of A Rainy Day in Venice

If you click on the pictures, they enlarge quite nicely
(thanks to the new Blogger system,
to which I finally switched).
On this one, you can follow
the lady with the red umbrella
progressing into the piazza.

Oh, the things
even fools can accomplish by sheer accident!


  1. Wow! How did you do that with your images?! I just love visual blogs like yours...

    Did you know I have stumbleon page, too? I have just started it a few days ago but it's a really great community. Come see.

  2. I will say again...that efffect is stunning...I agree accidents can be fruitful.

    Loved the lavender/ mauvish colors....yeah , I was about to mention in my earlier posted comment that pics open very nicely and you can see enlarge view.

    Whow what a treat on Grey overcast, rainy morning in SFO....!!

  3. @ My Marrakech:
    There's a little wizard in my camera that plays around with my images (of course, he does so at HIS will!). ;-)
    Tx for the invite, I have paid you a visit. Interesting.
    @ bendtherulz:
    Oh yeah, there are two sides to everything. Tales to tell .... ;-)
    Still haven't figured out "SFO". Frisco? (I can play the game too *g*)


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