Wednesday 17 January 2007

Wiener Melange and a Trip to Paris.


Please, have a seat
and join the Viennese coffee parade!


Café Diglas

Café Gloriette

Café Mozart

Café Markusplatz

Café Bortolotti

Café Hawelka

Café Hawelka

Café Central

Café Central's small but delicious token
of nougat-chocolate candy

Homemade Lemon Stars and Vanilla Crescents


You'd like a little something more for your sweet tooth?
Well, if you are lucky, there may be a marron glacé or two left at Carol's Paris Breakfast!



  1. So Many milk-foam Cappucinos! You make a duck thirsty!

  2. Merisi! you could get Carol ( paris breakfast art) to paint one of these for you!

  3. Carol would LOVE to paint ALL of these!!
    To heck with Paris!
    THese are soooo gorgeous..sigh

  4. Runaway:
    Imagine a pond filled with milk froth! :-)

    I'm contemplating which one, if ... I'd rather go with Paris, something new, you know. ;-)

    My impression is that the Parisians are much more into dainty beautiful cups. Some of these Viennese coffee cups are quite utilitarian, methinks.

  5. Dear Merisi, so what's your favorite Cappuccino/Melange in Vienna? Was it Bortolotti? Very delicious Melange is served at Cafe Tuchlauben (I don't like the new name Markusplatz ;-), very bad experience: at Cafe Diglas. All time favourite: Melange at Cafe Teitelbaum (Jewish Museum Vienna) - should be accompanied by their delicious poppy seed strudel.

  6. I got to your blog through the blogger's random "next blog" button and I was really impressed with your collection of cappucino cups. Original idea that I'd never heard of, and they are really beautiful, as are the cafes in which you took the photos. I'm from Portugal and here you can't find that kind of place...

  7. Oh all that fantastic coffee and cake has made me thirsty.

  8. @ andrea:
    I certainly enjoyed each and every cup pictured! My favorite cup? Depends more on the company or mood I'm in, maybe I'll try one of those days to list some favorites, it's a bit to complex to describe here. One favorite cup I'd like to mention: now, with a little lull in the (tourist) season, I love to have my fifteen minutes with a cup of coffee at the Demel's bar, after five o'clock. Sometimes I have the place to myself (three Demelinerinnen included *g*), to reflect and plot my next move. ;-)
    Teitelbaum's great, poppy seed strudel otherwordly good (as is Demel's!). I usually go there when I have friends visiting the museum, or the book store.
    I'd prefer the name "Tuchlauben" also, I like the very friendly atmosphere the owner and waiters create there.
    @ nes, zu e pixie:
    Welcome! And hope to see you again. I'd love to visit Portugal one day, know it only from literature (Lobo Antunes, Tabucchi).
    @ maddy:
    Hope you got yourself a great cappuccino!

  9. Thank you for the beautiful and delicious coffee tour. And oh, the pastries!!

  10. BIG MERCI for the link back to this luscious post!!!
    I've bookmarked it.
    I shall return daily...sigh...


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