Saturday 6 January 2007

A Walk in the First District: Kärntner Strasse to Stefansplatz

To your left, the "Palais Esterhazy"
on the corner Annagasse / Kärtner Strasse
(looking towards the Ringstrasse)

Hotel Astoria
Kärntner Strasse 32-34
Entrance at Führichgasse 1

Turning right from Annagasse,
towards Stefansplatz (St. Stephen's Square)

Haban Jeweler
Kärntner Strasse 2

Haas Haus on St. Stephen's Square
(1985–1990, Hans Hollein)

St. Stephan's Cathedral

As seen from the edge of Stefansplatz



  1. You make me want to run to Vienna!
    Funny, I live in Astoria, NYC...

  2. St. Stephan's Cathedral - I've only ever seen very long shots of the Cathedral, and I really like this photo because it gives me a better sense of the place - and the size!


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