Wednesday 10 January 2007

A Walk in the First District: Burgtheater to Michaelerplatz



Rose garden's rose bushes,
protected from winter's worst

Enjoying the spring-like temperatures at the
Temple of Theseus in the Volksgarten

Bundeskanzleramt (Federal Chancellery)
Ballhausplatz 1
Moving day?

Entrance to the Federal President´s offices
in the Leopldinische Trakt of the Hofburg
(Leopold Wing of the Imperial Palace)

Michaelerkirche from Schauflergasse

Looking from Michaelertor
to Kohlmarkt

Turning left from Michaelertor
towards Herrengasse:
Café Griensteidl in the building to the left,
to the right stands the famous "Looshaus",
built in 1911 by the architect Adolf Loos.

On this interactive map of the city, you can follow my walk from the Burgtheater through the Volksgarten to Ballhausplatz and through Schauflergasse to Michaelerplatz.


  1. Those 'protected rose bushes' look a bit eerie like that! Like shroud-wrapped bodies at first glance..

  2. @ tic ill:
    You're right, I had hesitated for a moment when I first caught eye of them. And then, I found the thought of the care and love that went into these elaborate wrappings so touching I had to photograph the scene.
    Yesterday, the small square between the Federal Chancellery and
    the president's office did not look quaint at all: Students protested at the swearing in of the new government, throwing eggs and tomatoes and some of them storming the bastille aka fences put up by the police.


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