Saturday 27 January 2007

To the Birthday Child: Here We Come!

Almost there

The last finishing touches

Almost done!

Spic & Span we will be!

Where to?

Do I look overdressed?

Well, I'd say the pearls
are a bit over the top!

Happy Birtday to you, C.L.A!

This just in:
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was also born on January 27.
Rumors have it, he's attending
CLA's birthday in Vienna
right now.


The last picture
shows Demel's shop window.


  1. LOL you funny thing, love the commentary.

  2. *smile*
    Those images were waiting in the archive ... ;-)

  3. Oh, I wish I could have a mother like you :-)

  4. andrea;
    If you're already sleeping through the night, we could talk about adoption. :-)))))
    Or would you rather talk to my kids first?


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