Tuesday 2 January 2007

May I tempt You?


Schwarzes Kameel

Palatschinke at Schwarzes Kameel

Anna-Torte at Demel's

Venchi's cream filled dark chocolate at Xocolat

Freyung 2
Palais Ferstel

Café Gloriette
Schönbrunn Palace Park



  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR....!

    Just saw in Intl news that Vienna hosted a concert by Zubin Mehta...!You were in my thougths....! I hope new year eve was full of fun !

    Very tempting - I liked the last pic...so delicious looking all that foam and dk coffee...I am actually looking forward to my upcoming Germany trip ....not very fond of place...but love their bitter coffee....!
    Kinda funny....Indians loving coffee...lol...:-)

  2. Qui si ingrassa solo a guardare !!!!

  3. @ Bendtherulz:
    You're right, Zubin Mehta conducted the New Year's Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra last monday (Austrians love it, gives them a good excuse to hang out in front of the TV at eleven o'clock in the morning of New Year's day *ggg*). And thank you, yes, New Year's Eve was quite splendid.
    I drink tea first thing in the morning, so nothing funny if an Indian enjoys coffee, I think.

    @ Luc:
    Unfortunately, I cannot offer you all those long hours of walking I did over the last few days. Very good against ingrassare! :-))) My friend went back to Florence and weeks of verdure al pinzimonio, I guess. ;-)

    Note to all readers:
    I do not eat all those sweets in the pictures! :-)


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