Thursday 11 January 2007

Konfiserie Altmann & Kühne


Am Graben
Altmann & Kühne is located a little further ahead,
to the left, a few steps from St. Stephen's Cathedral

Altmann & Kühne
Am Graben 30

Altmann & Kühne's tiny hand made chocolates
are beautifully packaged in boxes decorated with designs of the
Wiener Werkstätte,
the Viennese "Arts and Crafts" workshop and design school (1903-1932).

If you continue to walk straight ahead from Graben,
you reach Singerstrasse:
This is my favorite view of St. Stephen's Cathedral,
from the corner of Churhausgasse / Singerstrasse 7
(one of Vienna's great independent book stores,
seitenweise“, is located here
and well worth a visit).


Altmann & Kühne's brought to you
thanks to Carol from Paris Breakfasts,
who finally made me stop and smell their chocolates.


  1. I recently got engaged in Vienna while visiting the Christmas markets. In fact we bought the ring on Kohlmark in an antique store.
    I wrote about it here.....

    Needless to say, Vienna has a very special place in my heart.

    Cherry Menlove

  2. Danke, danke Maria!
    It's just wonderful to see the inside of that chocolate shop :O
    What I wouldn't give to be in your shoes...

  3. @ Cherry:
    I did visit your blog and read of all the drama and the happy ending with just the right engagement ring. All the happiness you could wish for to both of you!
    @ Paris:
    I walk so often (my friends would say "run" *g*) through those streets, yet had never taken particulare note of that little store. Maybe my unconscious tries to protect me from sweet temptations? (And I do not know, once I get to Paris, finally, how to resist all those fine delicacies you tempt us with on your blog?).


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