Tuesday 16 January 2007

Kissed by the Sun

I got only one quick shot
at the tulips being kissed by the morning sun,
then the brief moment was gone.

The apartment came with a white kitchen
with white tiles and red grout,
even on the floor.

Apart from this little design flaw,
it's a great Miele kitchen
with ingenious cabinet features.

I have learned to love it
and play with the red accents.

I even got myself a fire engine red
Kitchenaid mixer. ;-)
Every now and then, I go domestic.
Here's a picture from my blog, dated March 6, 2006:

Help yourself to a cup of tea, please! :-)



  1. Ah! Such loveliness! The chandelier, the vineyards, the glass fruits glowing in the morning sun! (The SUN - I loved the warmth on your bright red tulips! I think the white-with-red-accented kitchen if fabulous! So cheery! Can you tell it is still absolutely drear here?)

    Thanks again for all the virtual traveling you let us do with you.

  2. Very beautiful flowers, I love tulips!

  3. They have those apricot filled pastries at the Austrian cafe in the Neu Galerie in NYC..but I bet they're much better in Vienna..

  4. Tic illustrations:
    So glad to offer you a little sunshine. I spent my childhood near a river, from November to February lots of high fog. :-(

    Tulips I can't get tired of.

    Too bad we didn't know each other then, for years and years I made dozens of them on Fat Tuesday and had an open house for my friends in Washington,DC.

  5. I like the red grout, it gives the room .... something, not sure what but I like it.

  6. @ Maddy:
    I certainly cheers me up and I like the fact, that it takes a little away of the seriousness of a 1905 apartment. ;-)


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