Sunday 28 January 2007

Demel's Lady in Red



  1. Beautiful - is she up for grab??
    Such gr8 elaborate hairdo....!

    BTW - I loved the doorways pics as well....!

  2. Woman in a white wig,
    How did your hair get to be so big?
    Were you on an offshore oil rig?
    Or planted inside perchance, is a giant fig?
    I'd love to dig,
    Inside your wig,
    For that giant fig
    Oh, best not to be a pig :(

  3. merisi.. did you buy the sad clown??

    Amazing shop fronts and displays..

    Anon your are such a poet!

  4. Bend:
    Well, she might stick to you, so tread carefully! ;-)
    Thank you for the lovely poem! :-)
    Lots of digging to do to get into this lady's hair. She spent an awful lot of time in the Demel's workshop, getting it done.
    I wanted to pass by the store and ask about the price today, Tuesday. Unfortunately, I didn't make it before the store closed. I did get another pictures of the clown today. Coming soon!


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