Friday 8 December 2006

Sweet Temptations: Mozart Nougat Chili Pistaccio Green Pepper Almond Bittersweet Chocolates


Not me!
(Scene of the crime: Café Gloriette)

Confiserie Berger, Wollzeile

Café Konditorei Gerstner

Cream and Cocoa, Green Peppercorn or
Dark Chocolate Covered Chili Almonds?
(Sigh! Next time, I'll eat them all!)


  1. So many fun and gorgeous photos I've missed! Loved the bicycle series. Loved the vaulted arching corridors. The angels. The lights. And all the chocolates!! Oh my! I want one of each please!

    Are you "out" every day and night? For the mere purpose of seeing such beautiful architecture and eating such yummy foodstuffs? That would be plenty to take up all of one's time and energy! But what a nice way to do it.

  2. "It's necessary to reserve a secret vice" (Margaret Atwood, IN THE SECULAR NIGHT). I shoot most of my pictures like a thief in the night, quickly, as if on the sly. Usually I should already be elsewhere, doing something useful. ;-) "There is so much silence between the words", the woman in Atwood's poem laments. I think pictures are a pretty good way to fill the void, if only for oneself because "Outside there are sirens.
    Someone's been run over.
    The century grinds on.

    (Poem from Atwood's "morning in the burned house", Houghton Mifflin 1995, pp. 6-7)

  3. Your answer to that question couldn't have been better or more creative. Congrats! I like that :-)

  4. @ andrea:
    Thank you! :-)

  5. Ohhh so tempting they are !!! You always remind me of my days in Europe!

  6. Is it for real? The chocolate you mentioned? I can't even imagine what it would taste like....

  7. Cuckoo,
    thankfully I am more tempted by their image than their taste! :-)
    Most of the time, at least.
    I can imagine the chili chocolate almonds, not the green pepper ones. For the sake of science .... *oopsie* ... our curiosity I shall get a sample, next time. ;-)


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