Wednesday 27 December 2006

Stadtpark at Dusk


New moon over the Johann Strauss monument

Frost coated flower clock
in front of the Kurhaus.
It was a clear and sunny day,
yet the temperatures stayed below zero.

Beyond the pond and the park,
the Ringstrassen lights beckon.

The "Meierei"
(down below, between the park and the building,
flows the river Wien).

"Steirereck" Restaurant
Meierei im Stadtpark
Am Heumarkt 2A
(in walking distance to the Ring)

Children playing around the
Meierei's giant milk bottle
(with the Stadtpark in the background and
the spire of St. Stephan's Cathedral further back)

Walking away from the Meierei,
this is what you see:
The former Austrian Mint,
built in the years 1835-1838.

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the Stadtpark throughout the year, please click here.


  1. So, is Christmas all over in Vienna or does the celebrations go on?

  2. The decorations are still up. In their homes, the Austrians keep their trees until the 6th of January (they do not put it up til the evening of the 24th of december, though). Christmas spirit is still all over the town. It was me who needed a bit of natural light, so I took my dog out to the city park at four. With the days still short, the sun was already below the horizon, but I enjoyed the lingering refracted light. I expect visitors from Italy tomorrow and more walks through Christmas wonderland over the long weekend.


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