Friday 29 December 2006

Santa Cows and Other Animals

Moving pictures

From "Giving it a shot" to
"Giving it ten shots" to
"A Shot in the Dark"
As you can see, the Demel's waitresses move with lightening speed.


  1. Golly - I focus on work and don't get to the computer for a couple of days and here I've missed dozens of gorgeous pictures! (What is the origin story of the Santa cow, anyway???)

    Hope you are having a great post-Christmas week.

  2. What sort of dog? looks like a fox terrier? We have 2. A foxie and a tenterfield terrier.. both great!

    Happy New year In Vienna!

    If you get a chance get some Faure Art songs....( they are to die for!)

  3. @ Tic:
    I spied the "Santa" cow in the shop
    window of an "Auer" bakery in late november (as you can see in the linked picture, it has been sold in the meantime). It was another branch of the "Auer" bread makers that I shot the picture of the Venetian chandelier.

    @ Simon:
    Thank you for the tip, I shall look into the Fauré art songs, sounds promising!
    Unfortunately I have no idea of the breed of the dog in the picture. He's cute and very very patient. ;-)


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