Monday 18 December 2006

Gablonz Glass Christmas Ornament

"The tree must glow, twinkle, glitter and sparkle" *)

Jablonec nad Nisou
(German: Gablonz an der Neiße)
is a town in northern Bohemia,
the second largest town of the Liberec Region.
It is known as a mountain resort
in the Jizera Mountains, an education centre,
and a centre of world-production of glass and jewellery.

Source: Wikipedia

*) The History of Christmas Ornaments
"Christmas With Love"
Hosted by Jaci Rae


  1. Nice frost colored mercury glass !! Real cute...! How are you feeling these days....with C'mas just round the corner.
    The place where I work - we just had a Great C'mas party this weekend. Lots of dancing and good food and wines n Cake...!

  2. Yes, that little basket of joy is so cute I spent 20 Euros on it (a hard decision, I tell you, but then I stomped my little foot and said, "I'm worth it!" :-)
    Xmas party sounds great, I'll have my private little tree decorating ceremony tonight.

  3. Pretty! Pretty! I love frosted glass...

  4. SOOOOOOOOOOO pretty !
    Merci :)

  5. @ tic and paris:
    I walked over there again last night and stood and stood in front of all those pretty things and couldn't get enough of them. Good thing I couldn't decide which ones I liked best .... ;-)

  6. LoL - I like it when you say stamping your lil feet and saying loudly - I am worth it !!


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