Monday 11 December 2006

Christmas Trees at Neuer Markt


Christmas trees being unloaded this afternoon at Neuer Markt

Fountain by Georg Raphael Donner
in the center of Neuer Markt square

(sitting on top of the Austrian rivers
Enns, March, Traun and Ybbs)


  1. Beautiful buildings.... the chandeliers are quite busy looking when it's not lit. Vienna looks great in the winter.

  2. There are so many incredible beautiful buildings in this city, a few of the lesser known would make tourist attractions in other towns, here they are just part of the background, a given. I'm trying to get a bit more educated about the architectural history here, it's overwhelming. So much to learn!
    It's true, the chandeliers look their best after darkness sets in. During the day they exude an almost ghostly aura.
    I've heard that it's only the second Christmas that they are around.


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