Tuesday 26 December 2006

Can't Stop Smiling


Psychodelic Christmas Trees

Poor bunny definitely is not sitting on a bed of roses.

Sign says: "Armer Hund"
"Poor dog"
That store is selling a Thonet lounge chair for Euro 4,000
(which strikes me as even funnier)

Tea Boy
(with timer!)

Thank goodness I have a point and shoot camera,
this city has such an abundance of subjects to photograph.
I have to sort and choose all the time
(tough tough tough).
These pictures for example
I found only minutes from each other.

My kids always emphasize
that I have a weird sense of humor.
So don't worry if
my subjects don't make you smile. ;-)


  1. i LIKE weird sense of humor! the pink and the black christmas trees...i really would like one of those!

  2. Lol...:-) that was fun- the tea w/ timer and bunny on bed of picks...really cracked me up !!

    BTW - I am travelling via TLC 's blog...as your blog profile is not accesible from the link.( ????)

  3. Happy Holidays !!

    Was up in Himalaya during C'Mas long weekend and tomorrow again I am off for a vacation to Rajasthan...so talk to you in Jan.


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