Friday 24 November 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!




  1. Aha - bounty from the county??

    Happy Thanksgiving - I hope you get to for 4 kids and their friends will surely be a time consuming affair.....!!
    ( *sigh* Lucky friends....pls read " when are you inviting :-)

    Hey - its ok take your time no hurry on checking the pics & leaving views ! Hmmm No wonder - you have not responded on my suggestion for " World In Blog" link. I thought may be you didn't like my

  2. What a beautiful symbolism and an original Thanksgiving picture!

  3. @ Bendtherulz:
    Monsieur tackles the 20 lbs turkey with his Weber grill. Having that task out of the kitchen, the rest is a breeze. ;-)
    @ Irene:
    It was either pumkins or grapes. Easy choice. ;-)

  4. Backlighting is the best thing ever for photos.

    Hope your Thanksgiving was lovely.


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